How do I invite a mate?
Log in to your MYCOKE account, click on the ‘invite your mates’ button next to the pincode entry field and follow the prompts.
How do I get my mates to sign up to MYCOKE?
Share your unique referral link with your mate so that they sign up for a MYCOKE account via that link. Your mate will need to do this on a desktop browser.
How do the points work?
You get 40 points for every mate that successfully registers to MYCOKE via the link you sent them. Your mate must sign up before the 40 points are credited to your MYCOKE account.
How many mates can I invite?
You can invite as many mates as you like, but your account will be credited to a maximum of 200 points.
Can they share the link with their friends?
Yes and then their mates can share with their mates and so on. The link can be clicked on an unlimited number of times so everyone can keep sharing.
What is MYCOKE?
MYCOKE is Coca-Cola New Zealand’s exclusive promotional platform. It’s a place where you can get access to great giveaways featuring all the things we love: music, entertainment, technology, travel, sport and much more. It’s easy to get involved with MYCOKE - simply grab a specially marked pack from the Coca-Cola range to get your unique code and visit coke.co.nz to login or register, enter your unique code and you’re ready to start entering prize draws!! For every unique code you enter your account will be credited with MYCOKE points (unless otherwise specified). You can use your MYCOKE points right away to enter the prize draws. Eligibility requirements and Terms & Conditions apply.
When will my points expire?
MYCOKE Points will expire when the MYCOKE programme ends which is set at Sunday 31 December 2017 as per the MYCOKE Terms and Conditiions
Is MYCOKE free?
Yes, MYCOKE is free to join. However, in order to participate and get MYCOKE points you need to purchase a specially marked ‘Coke’ pack and enter the Unique Code printed on the back of the label. See t&c’s for a full list of packs that will be included in the MYCOKE promotion.
What can I do on MYCOKE?
MYCOKE gives you access to great prizes across all the things we love: music, entertainment, technology sport and much more. Enter Unique Codes to get MYCOKE Points which you can enter against prize draws for your chance to win cool stuff!
How do I register?
Registration is simple and only takes a few minutes. You will need to complete a few details about yourself and set up a password so only you can securely access your account. You must be 13 years of age or older to register. If you are under 18 years of age, you must get permission from your parent or guardian to participate.
Why should I register?
By purchasing specially marked products ‘Coca-Cola’ products you will get a unique code from the back of your label, under your 440ml can tab or inside your multipack can carton, this can be entered at coke.co.nz. Sign up to get MYCOKE points and allocate them to prize draws of your choice.
Do I need an email for MYCOKE?
Yes, you will need to have an email address in order to register with MYCOKE. You can register using your email address or by logging in with your Facebook account.
Do I need a computer?
No you can assess MYCOKE through our Mobile App as well – available on smartphones and tablets. Search for ‘Coke NZ’ in your app store.
Are ‘Diet Coke’ & ‘Coke Zero’ promotional labels included?
Yes, most pack sizes of ‘Coca-Cola’, ‘Diet Coca-Cola’ ‘Coca-Cola Zero’ and ‘Vanilla Coca-Cola’ are all part of MYCOKE. See the t&C’s for a full list of packs.
How do I get a Unique Code?
You need to purchase any specially marked 300mL, 420mL, 600mL, 1L, 1.5L, 2L, 2.25L PET bottle, 440mL can, 8, 18, 24 or 30 x 355mL can pack or 6 x 250mL can pack of ‘Coca-Cola’, ‘Diet Coca-Cola’ and ‘Coca-Cola Zero’.
What and where is a Unique Code?
A randomly generated alphanumeric number that is only on the product you purchased. Each Unique Code is located on the back of the label of all specially marked plastic bottles, under the can tab on 440mL cans or inside the carton of multi can packs. The Code is unique to each promotional product label.
I can’t read the Unique Code on pack! What do I do now?
Contact us on our customer care line 0800 505 123 or email us at info@coke.co.nz Please keep your label with the Unique Code for proof of purchase.
Is there a limit on how many Unique Codes I can enter?
You can enter up to 5 Unique Codes per day - which is 12:00 am to 11:59pm.
Why can’t I enter more than 5 Unique Codes per day?
We limit the number of Codes per day so everyone who is eligible has equal access to competitions on MYCOKE and as not to encourage the overconsumption of these products.
What happens when I enter more than 5 Unique Codes within a day?
You will receive an error message, stating that you’ve reached your limit - but hold onto your Unique Code! You can come back after 11:59pm the next day to enter your Code.
How many Unique Codes can I submit at a time?
You can submit one Unique Code at a time and up to 5 Unique Codes per day.
How do I find out if I have won a prize?
We’ll randomly pick the winners of each draw at the end of each Promotional Period from the people who have entered each draw. Promotional periods and draw dates are available in the terms and conditions. We will call each winner to let them know they have won and then publish them on our Winners page. If you’re a winner, we’ll contact you at the email address or phone number you used to register.
How long will MYCOKE be around for?
The end date is set at Sunday 31 December 2017 as per the MYCOKE Terms and Conditions.
How do I get the app on my mobile?
To download the app you will need to go to iTunes and search for ‘Coke NZ’. Select the Coke NZ app and download it to your mobile device. You can also TXT COKE to 345 to receive a download link to the app, please note text messages will cost a maximum of 20c.
Which devices will the new app work on?
The COKE NZ app will work on the following IOS models: 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6 and 6 plus from version iOS7 and up is required. If you experience any issues please contact our customer care line on 0800 505 123.
How much will it cost to get the app?
The app is free to install on your mobile device. Data charges will apply when downloading the app from your mobile provider 3G or 4G networks or wireless network. If you TXT Coke to 345 to get a download link, the text messages will cost a maximum of 20c.
What features does this app have?
The main feature of the COKE NZ App is the MYCOKE platform, where you can redeem Unique Codes, enter prize draws and manage your account. Also you find out what’s happening at COKE NZ and have access to upcoming promotions. There will be new features added to the COKE NZ app. Coca-Cola NZ will notify all users of updates to the app.
How do I sign up to the app?
There are two ways to sign up to use the app. You can Facebook connect or register with COKE NZ - simply complete the registration form within the app to start participating in the app.